Koide International Consultancy and Software Services

Our main purpose of existence is to provide open gateway business trading specially in asia like China and Japan and to the rest of the world. Making business much more easier, customized total business outsourcing solutions that save you money, increase productivity, boost profits and bring top quality services to your organization and we guarantee hassle-free for small to medium businesses. You no longer have to tie up large amounts of working capital in costly local staff. We here at KICSS offer a quality outsourcing service that fits your needs. No more worries about high cost in putting up or maintaining a business, we will assist you in that area by subcontracting some or all of your company jobs. We can help you transfer and/ or share your business 100% dedicated to your daily operations especially on all of the following,

     ■General Administrative Tasks: Phone Services, Calendar and Information Management, Simple Business Presentations, E-mail and Voicemail         Management, plus much more!

     ■Industrial Products and Services

     ■Transporation and Logistics

     ■Customer and Helpdesk Service

     ■SEO / SEM Marketing your website on the web

     ■Website Designing, Development and Maintenance

     ■Professionally assisting you at any time!

Think about all the other areas that you’ll be making financial savings on in today's rapidly changing business environment – everything from the supervisory and top quality training services we provide, telephone costs, payroll and HR support, offices supplies, IT support costs, and remember, this is offshore outsourcing, which means that you pay ZERO tax, as well as no employee benefits, HMO, bonuses or commissions. We handle everything for you, We Guarantee! We create your workplace locally in our offices in Cebu, Philippines at a lower and more affordable price.

Software Development Services
Kicss Software Developement

Developing a successful software product is as much a marketing and strategic management exercise as a technical challenge. Successful products satisfy specific, well-identified customer needs. Such products cannot be created randomly or by technical experts working in experts working in isolation from the marketplace. Our design team and you stay connected, and become an extension of your business,

At KICSS we work closely with our customers throughout all phases of the product life cycle using the experience we have gained from the successful implementation of software products for large corporate organizations across international boundaries.

KICSS can take the pain out of product development for your organisation by providing expertise and consultancy on a selection of, or all of the following product life cycle phases.

Web Design & Development
Kicss Web Design

Kicss website designs are stylish and modern. Every web design is tailored towards your needs; we do not use standard templates like many other web 'design' businesses so your website will be exclusive to you. All websites can be updated quickly and easily via our content management system (CMS), and you have the option of ongoing support, ′we do it for you....′



Search Engine Optimazation
Kicss Search Engine Optimization

Here at Kicss, we can help you optimize your website. We will improve your page rank in major search engines and online directories around the world. Our talented and hardworking SEO and SEM webmasters and certified webpage linkers can tune up your website’s page ranks.

Kicss will examine and research the keywords relevant to your services. For instance, if your business has to do with selling books online, then our qualified team of search engine optimizers will explore applicable and best keywords based on selling books through the internet.

We are very familiar with both Google, Yahoo, Bing’s site rankings. We offer several Search Engine Optimization packages. Just contact us and we will give you a special deal in your SEO/SEM needs.

      Google  Yahoo   MSN Bing

Cebu English CEBU English

Want to learn English Language? Looking for best English Second Language (ESL) School at very affordable package? Cebu English will help you. From basic to advance english. know more about cebu english.

Cebu Wedding Cebu Photo Wedding

The professional and experienced in Photo Wedding and Memorial Photo Services. Cebu Photo Wedding.

Photo Wedding
We recommend photo wedding to each individual couples. A couple who already had wedding ceremony but want to take pictures again of their wedding. Couple's who dont have wedding ceremony but want to have wedding memorial picture. For the honeymoon memory or want to take wedding picture in beautiful beach. No one interrupts you here in cebu and you can relax. We can take picture like a movie scene in the beautiful sea and white sands. People in cebu are very kind and friendly, so they will make you smile naturally.

Memorial Photo
We also have memorial photo plan that we take picture with your family, friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend for travel memory.Cebu has many nice place where are good for taking pictures.Professional photographer will take your picture for your memory in cebu, Also good for your birthday or marriage commemoration. Photography in itself well be a good memory.

Other Services

Kicss offers services like Visa assistance, Lawyers, Interpreters, Travel tours for foreigners. Basically sometimes foreigners facing difficulties of renewing their visa's , Other's may take a tour by their own self and use a map for reference and not knowingly they have been lost, or sometimes needs a legal assistance and interpreters but can't find one. We guarantee quality professional services on time at anytime. Just give us a call and we're here for you.